Entry Visa for Italy: Do you require a visa?

For Entry requirements, please consult the official website Here you can find all the necessary information for foreigners intending to travel to Italy. A guided procedure will help you to verify if you need to apply for a visa based on your nationality, country of residence, reason for visit and length of stay. If you require a visa for Italy, you will be provided with all the necessary information and forms to submit your application. Submission of the required documentation does not automatically guarantee visa issuance. Upon entering Italy and the Schengen Area, even if you possess a visa, Border Authorities are authorized once again to check the visa documents required.

Requesting support to obtain a visa to attend the LWC 2022 and the ILS associated meetings in Riccione, Italy

If your lifesaving federation is in a nation whose inhabitants require a visa to travel to Riccione, Italy, personal invitation letters can be obtained to support your visa application. In order to request a letter, please contact the president’s office of your lifesaving federation who can supply you with a form that you need to complete, with a copy of your passport, and return to your federation. All completed forms must be sent to the ILS by your federation president’s office. Applications sent by other means will not be accepted. All applications must be received by 15th July 2020 at the latest.

The ILS will check the forms and then submit to the Local Organising Committee who will liaise with the Italian Olympic Committee that is responsible for issuing the support letter

The following can apply for this letter:
- Delegates from ILS Member Federations upon appointment by their National Lifesaving Federation to participate in the ILS and ILS Regional Meetings
- Technical Officials (referees and judges) who have been appointed by the ILS Sport Commission to officiate at LWC 2022 and endorsed by their National Lifesaving Federation
- Competitors and team officials, who are bona-fide members of and endorsed by their National Federation to enter the LWC 2022 competitions