National Team Championship - Live stream


September 19th
2 pm - Congress Meeting "Sport, Water and prevention"
5 pm - Opening Ceremony

September 21st
4 pm - Finals - Poll races

September 22nd
4 pm - Finals - poll races

September 23rd
1.30 pm - Finals - Ocean races

September 24th
1.30 pm - Finals - Ocean races

Italy, 6 more medals from the ocean events

In spite of the low temperatures (19°C in the water while 16°C on the beach), the Italians are not “cold” on the first European Lifesaving Championships ocean day events in Riccione, as they won other six precious medals. The gold medal is missing, but the two silver and the four bronze medals achieved by the team are worth 100 points and, added to the Open and Youth results, put the Italian flag to the top ranking. As the competition starts there is soon a double from Francesca Pasquino (second place) and Livia Fiori (third place) in the Youth surf event won by the German Nina Holt, one among the best athletes competing in the pool events where she won five gold medals and set 2 world records in relay manikin and medley lifesaver. Silvia Meschiari, captain of the female Italian team, got the second spot in the surf race event, won by the French Margaux Fabre. That is quite a change to the pool results, where the Italian won the 200 superlifesaver, while the French only got the seventh place. Two more bronze medals came from the surf event (a real feature for the Italian athletes) by Daniele Sanna (coming soon first Federico Gilardi, fourth) and Giovanni Caserta, who conquered his first ocean medal, after winning six gold in the pool events. The grand final saw arrived with the bronze medal by the duo Francesca Pasquino and Carlotta Tortello on the youth category board rescue, just behind Great Britain and Ireland, but coming first France and Spain (4th and 5th place).

Day 6 report

While water is the environment, the pools are the perfect habitat, both in swimming and lifesaving, disciplines blending together the practise of competition and social contribution. The Italians lead the National Team open pool events ranking with 566 pts, and the Youth events with 558 pts, the men Open with 277 pts and the women with 255 pts, the Youth men with 264 pts and women with 259 pts.
Nine gold medals and an Open world record for the Italian team: Lucrezia Fabretti won the gold medal in 100 mt manikin with fins in 49”33, improving her previous record of 49”87, broken in the same pool on the 28th of May. In the last pool competition day, eight silver medals and five bronze medals were added to the first 23 medals won in the previous days, including the two medals in S.E.R.C (12, 7, 4).  The Italian lifesaving athletes never did so well, as they had a brilliant start winning seven gold medals out of seven, before Germany, Spain and France really got into the race and forced the Italian team to concentrate more. The grand final came soon after and brought three victories out of four in the 200 mt super lifesaver and three out of four in the medley relay, taking Italy to the top ranking in Europe.
In the team ranking for Open and Youthc categories Germany is the second classified with 465 points and 501 points respectively. Monday and Tuesday the events move to the sea, at the Bagni 7 in Riccione, on the seaside promenade towards Misano, for the Ocean competition starting at 8.30 a.m.

Finals day 2 – 22nd of September – winners and the Italians
100 manikin with fins Youth F
1. Nina Holt (GER) 54”27
5. Valentina Pasquino 57”01
6. Alessia Cappai 58”21
100 manikin with finsYouth M
1. Marco Hetfeld (GER) 45”97
2. Andrea Vivalda 47”12
3. Davide Belcastro 48”32
100 manikin with fins Open F
1. Lucrezia Fabretti 49”33 RM
former record holder with 49”87 on the 28th of May 2019 in Riccione
3. Samantha Ferrari 52”32
100 manikin with fins Open M
1. Jan Malkowski (GER) 44”44
2. Andrea Piroddi 46”28
3. Andrea Niciarelli 47”21
50 manikin Youth F
1. Nina Holt (GER) 35”32
5.Livia Elisa Fiori 36”56
7.Helene Giovannelli 36”76

50 manikin Youth M
1. Joshua Gammon (GBR) 31”10
2. Alessandro Marchetti 31”93
5. Mattia Faccinti 32”30
50 manikin Open F
1. Zara Williams (GBR) 34”13
6. Lucrezia Fabretti 35”77
7. Francesca Cristetti 36”03
50 manikin Open M
1. Danny Wiek (GER) 28”40
2. Mauro Ferro 28”55
4. Daniele Sanna 29”38
4x25 manikin Youth F
1. Germany 1’24”93 WRJ
former record holder Sergio De Gregorio 1’25”05,on then 15th of July 2018 in Rome
2. Spain 1’26”01
3. Italy 1’26”13
V. Pasquino, Fiori, Giovannelli, F. Pasquino
4x25 manikin Youth M
1. Italy 1’12”22
Vivalda, Faccinti, Marchetti, Caserta
4x25 manikin Open F
1. France 1’19”99
5. Italy 1’27”38
Cristetti, Ferrari, Fabretti, Meschiari
4x25 manikin Open M
1. Itay 1’05”14
Ferro, Ippolito, Piroddi, Sanna
200 super lifesaver Youth F
1. Bo Van Den Plas (BEL) 2’31”25
2. Francesca Pasquino 2’32”30
3. Livia Elisa Fiori 2’32”82
200 super lifesaver Youth M
1. Giovanni Caserta 2’14”16
5. Alessandro Marchetti 2’19”91
200 super lifesaver Open F
1. Silvia Meschiari 2’23”10
2. Samantha Ferrari 2’26”58
200 super lifesaver Open M
1. Federico Gilardi 2’04”72
2. Daniele Sanna 2’08”38
4x50 medley relay Youth F
1. Itay 1’42”12
Giovanelli, V. Pasquino, F. Pasquino, Cappai
4x50 medley relay Youth M
1. Itay 1’31”11
Caserta, Vivalda, Marchetti, Belcastro
4x50 medley relay Open F
1. Italy 1’39”58
Cristetti, Fabretti, Meschiari, Volpini
4x50 medley relay Open M
1. Germany 1’26”99
2. Italy 1’29”48
Ippolito, Niciarelli, Ferro, Piroddi

Day 5 report

During the first national teams pool races day the Italian Anthem was played twelve times, seven times in a row; the Italians take it all. They won seven golds on the first seven races and a silver on the eighth, setting the new national obstacle relay record. Giovanni Caserta, young raising champion from Catanzaro, won the gold medal and set a new European record in 200 m obstacles with 1’57”24. The Italians got 5 gold medals in the other finals with a total of 12 golds, 7 silvers and 4 bronzes, counting the 2 medals (silver and bronze) won friday evening in the simulated emergency response competition. Not to mention the bronze medal in line throw, an achievement never reached before by the Italian national team. Daniele Sanna who received the 12,5-meter-long throw from the poolside by Andrea Niciarelli said “In the beginning I had to stay still, with one hand on the obstacle and the line in the other one. Then at the referee’s whistle I let the line go and Andrea collected it and threw it back at me. Once I got the line, he pulled me and I swam legs only in his direction. We succeded at the first attempt. Never ever done so well”.  
“A good start like this has never happened before – says the main head coach of the Italian Team Antonello Cano, finally able to relax at the end of the races. – I'm happy for the athletes, they earned it, and I'm satisfied with the good work done in their clubs and during the training-camps. I’m proud of all the staff, firstly of Massimiliano Tramontana. In these first two days I've seen some exceptional work and concentration: in the disciplines where we usually did not do very well, we have won medals and points. We are only in the beginning, as they say: well begun is half done”.
The day ends with another gold by Federica Volpini (world record holder), who won the 100 m manikin tow with fins with 58”18.

Safety convention and inauguration ceremony

“We are here in the occasion of the European Lifesaving Championships, with 23 nations participating and next year we will be back for the world Championships. Our presence in Riccione is a tradition, with all of our major events being held here, from the spring trials to the Lifesaving Championships, we feel at home”. These were the opening words of the Convention, by the President of the Italian Swimming Federation Paolo Barelli.
“The sports, the water and the prevention” congress held at the Palazzo del Turismo in Riccione had as attendants the Lifesaving coordinators, the presidents of the regional committees and the life-savers. Some among the public were rewarded for their excellent work during the last summer season. “Our Federation is unique – said Barelli – a confederation, just like said by the president of CONI Giovanni Malagò on the 11th September at the Quirinale, when we met the Italian President Sergio Mattarella, after the successes obtained during the last World Championships in July in Gwangju, in South Korea. We have different disciplines: swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming, ocean swimming and lifesaving. We are also a different Federation, because our historical vocation is to teach swimming and to spread the water-sports culture. The ISTAT (Italian national statistical institute) data states that over 5 million practise swimming, and our Federation members are over a million. This is a contribute to the nation, the Government and to the institutions in terms of prevention, water safety and lifesaving. Through the lifesaving sections, and with the help of our clubs, we address at the same time to our members, to the lifesaving attendants, to the athletes and the entire population. This is our pride feature which today, during this congress and the opening ceremony of the European Lifesaving Championship, we are going to discuss and analyse.
The first speaker is Alessandro Sabatini – National responsible for the FIN Civil Defence department – describing the Italian and European statistics. The last speaker is the President Barelli, who highlighted as the “federal mission” is to do everything possible, in terms of human lives protection in the water. Among the speakers, the general secretary of the FIN Antonello Panza, the board member of Sports and Health Francesco Landi, the member of the International and European Federation Giorgio Quintavalle, the vice-mayor of Riccione Laura Galli and the president of ILSE – International Lifesaving Federation of Europe –, Detlev Mohr.

From Piazzale Ceccarini a procession with over 500 people, with the president Barelli and the vice-mayor Galli on the front line, marched from viale Ceccarini to Piazzale Roma, where the authorities made their greetings from the stage, whilst the referees and athletes swore the oaths, and the Italian national anthem was played. “It is with great pride and satisfaction that we host the European Lifesaving Championships – said the vice-mayor Galli – I welcome all the participants, the athletes, coaches, referees and technical officials. After this experience I hope you bring a little bit of this city and its traditions back home. Thanks to all of you and enjoy the participation.”
The athletes’ oath was sworn by the Italian Vittoria Borgnino. “On behalf of all participants, I swear to take part in this European Championships, respecting and observing the rules governing them. To compete, in the true spirit of the competition for a sport without doping and drugs, for the glory and the honour of my team”. The European Lifesaving Championships are officially opened.

The grand final was held on Piazzale Roma beach, including great exhibitions. Rescue simulations and people recovery from dangerous situations. Pad rescue with the attendants and pad starting from the beach, with the board and surf rescue, with the canine unite (10 dogs: golden retrievers and newfoundland), with the jet skis and with the SEA Electric Module, the electronic rescue device produced in Italy.

5 Records during the second day of the Masters Championships

Over 20.000 square meters on the promenade from Riccione to Misano, a new gem along with the Swimming Stadium of the XII European Lifesaving Championships. The “new look” location in Riccione 2019 for the European Lifesaving Championships, between the bathing establishment 7 and 12, has it all: race tracks on the beach and in the ocean, lunch tents, working areas, stands, team gazebos and locker-rooms. The area was inaugurated in the afternoon of the second day of the Masters competitions. For the Italian athletes, a silver medal for Bruna Ravera, 52-years-old from Acquatica Torino who arrived second in the board race F50.
In the morning, the “over” athletes completed their competitions in the swimming-pool. 5 new records were improved: 2 European and 3 world records were added to the 9 previous records from the first day. In the 100 m manikin with fins, the German athlete Ute-Christiane Lauerwald, F55 with 1'17”15 and the Finnish athlete Mari Kiuri, F35, with 1'02”32 set the new European records. The world records were set by the German Stefanie Adam F40 with 1'02”01, Michael Meik M60 with 1’00”00 and Thorstern Sonsmann M45 with 52”67. In the 8 relays 4x25 manikin carry, the German won 6 races and the Dutch 2 races.
Thursday, the 19th September, was dedicated to the conference “Aquatic Safety” at the Palazzo del Turismo at 2 pm, while the Opening Ceremony began at 5 pm in Viale Ceccarini and Piazzale Roma. The Masters' day ocean races were completed in the afternoon.

First day: the record-striking Germans

Sport is health and it improves your well-being. Lifesaving does it even more, as it teaches the culture of water and safe-guard of human lives. The masters are an example.
The European Lifesaving Championships just started at the swimming stadium of Riccione and Masters began with an immediate first European record established by the German Thomas Janssen in 200 meters obstacles. The 50-year-old from Alpen won with 2'21"88 and improved his last record 2'23"48 (16th of November 2018, in Adelaide). Second position for Lenka Noitz, his 65-year-old compatriot from Ingoldstadt, who set a new European record in 100 meters obstacles F65 with 1'25"32 (former record holder was Sandra Burrow with 1'32"62, on the 9th of August 2019 in Adelaide). The first day was almost all bound to German athletes (for a total of 48 gold medals). The Italian athlete Renato Possanzini (born 1962, Swimming Team Abruzzo) in 100 meters obstacles, was one of the few athletes in front of them, winning the M55 with 1'08"14. In the afternoon, Michael Meik, 61 years old from Gelsenkirchen, did even better and set a new world record in 100 meters manikin tow with fins M60 with 1'08"31 (overcoming the former record of 1'16"93 from the 11th of November 2012 by Erwin Koehler) and the 50 meters manikin with 38"06 (Steffen Poritz the former record holder, with 42"50 from the 27th of September 2015).
Other records of the final programme were mainly made in Germany. In 50 meters manikin, the best athletes were Jeanette Libera-Koerner who set a new world record in F45 with 40"38 (she is also the former record holder of 40"78 in Adelaide from last year) and Ute-Christiane Lauerwald, born in 1964, set a new European record of M55 with 50"10 (former record holder, Elaine Lewis with 55"95). The only exception is the Finnish Mari Kiuru, 35 years old, who won her category with a world record, 39"27 (former record holder Jeanette Libera-Koerner on the 9th of October 2010 with 41"05 in Adelaide). During the evening Thomas Janssen doubled it, he is the fastest of the world in 50 meters manikin M50 with 34"49, (the former record holder was Hermann-Joseph Kilders with 35"24, on the 24th of June 2018). Marc Kiemann, the 40-year old-German athlete from Bermatingen, closed the first day with a world record, 33"73 (former recordholder was the Belgian Thomas Speer with 33"93 in Alicante in 2017). The directors of ILSE and ILS and the coordinator of the Italian Federnuoto - Lifesaving Giorgio Quintavalle and the venue sports director of ILS John Martin, rewarded the winners. Wednesday will be the second day of the Masters, between pool races in the morning and ocean races in the afternoon at Bagni 7. Meeting at 9.30 am at the pool and at 3 o'clock pm at the sea.

Press Conference report

Giorgio Quintavalle (director of ILSE and ILS and national coordinator of the Italian National Federation - Lifesaving section): "According to the World Health organization about 1000 people lose their lives in the water every day worldwide. In Italy, thanks to the great work done by lifesaving rescue, the numbers have been cut by 80%. The swimming rescue, born in the second post-war period based on the lifeguards' training, has become a competitive discipline and today it presents itself with a double value. For us it's a pleasure to be here in Riccione for the European Championships now and once again in 2020 with the World Championships: Riccione is the swimming capital of Italy and a meeting point for all Italian swimming clubs. Thanks to the public administration and the multisport association “Polisportiva Riccione”, the city is one of our faithful partners. Proof is that, among several candidate cities, all of the ISL directors agreed unanimously to assign Riccione the European and the World Championships. The President of the Italian Swimming Federation, Paolo Barelli, the International Life Saving Federation of Europe President Detlev Mohr and the World Life Saving Federation President Graham Ford, greet all of you. They will be present during the competitions and surrounding events.”

Giuseppe Solfrini (President of the Riccione Municipal Multisports Club): “First of all I want to thank the Italian Swimming Federation and its president Paolo Barelli, the Municipality of Riccione, the Polisportiva Riccione and all the Sport Clubs youngsters involved in the organization of these European Championships not to mention the logistic partner Orion. This is a prestigious event, because lifesaving is an important discipline that combines competitive sport with community benfits and acts to prevent and safeguard human lives. It will also be a "preview" of the World Championships that will always take place here in Riccione on September 2020. Once again Riccione is at the top for swimming competitions organization, thanks to its excellent sport facilities, its hospitality and to its consolidated experience in the management of major events”.

Giorgio Gori (vice-president of the Riccione Municipal Multisports Club): "In Riccione there is a good team: the Municipality, the Polisportiva and the Italian Swimming Federation which allows us to handle events of international importance like these. I am sure these European Championships will be a success and I hope that the 2020 World Championships will set a new participation record.

Renata Tosi (Mayor of Riccione): "It is an honour and a pleasure to welcome this great event. Once again Riccione has been chosen for its notorious vitality and organizing skills in handling lots of people.
Beside the important synergy between the administration and the operators, I want to focus on the ability of these international events to make Riccione a world-famous place for sport. This city has a lot to offer to athletes and their supporters. This is the spirt that we keep in mind for 2020, a year that we would like to be even richer with sporting and social events. Not to mention the 2032 Olympics Games dream, in which Riccione could participate as a major partner for swimming events. It seems like a dream, but it is not an utopia: a synergy between our territories has nothing to envy to the great cities of the world".

Stefano Caldari (Sport Councillor of Riccione Municipality): “This event is the perfect closure to an exceptional sporting season and, as a matter of fact, it projects us towards an even more intense 2020, in terms of sporting events. Riccione, once again, shows itself to be at the avant-guard, thanks to the tight cooperation with the local operators, just like the Hotel Association or the Riccione “Polisportiva”, that offer their will, their resources and great organizational skills. Sport becomes tourism and, as for this, the European Lifesaving Championships is a continuum after the MotoGp racing week-end”.


On behalf of the Italian Swimming Federation, I welcome all the athletes, coaches, managers and judges involved in Riccione from 17 to 30 September in the twelfth edition of the ILSE Life Saving European Championships.

Our Federation is not new to events of this importance. In 2004 we hosted the Life Saving World Championships in Livorno and Viareggio, with more than 5000 athletes and 45 nations, a major success acknowledged by the International Federation. Our nation also hosted the European Youth Lifesaving Championships five times: in 1995 in Bardonecchia, in 1997 and 2013 in Riccione, in 2003 in Viareggio and 2007 in Ostia.

The Italian Swimming Federation with its Life Saving department pays special attention to this noble discipline that combines competition and community aspects. Life Saving Swimming transmits the values of sport and life especially to youngsters and, above all, teaches the culture of aquatic safety, the importance of prevention and the protection of human life.

The 2019 European Championships, which are already starting with the record number of 23 participating nations will also introduce the next Lifesaving and Surfing World Championships which will be held from 14 September to 3 October 2020. We will make every effort to make these events memorable.

The venue of the event is the city of Riccione, already the location of many national and international swimming events, which over the years has become the home of all aquatic disciplines promoted and organized by the Italian Swimming Federation.

I would like to thank our institutional partners whose helped us realizing this major event. I would also like to express my special thanks to the "Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri" and its Sports Office for their patronage, to the ILSE (International Lifesaving Federation of Europe) and to the ILS (International Lifesaving Federation) for assigning us the championships, not to mention the Municipality of Riccione and the Emilia Romagna Region, the "Guardia Costiera" and the “Polisportiva Comunale di Riccione”,  for their collaboration.


We hope that these championships will have the highest competition level and we get the chance to invite you once again to join us in Riccione.

Good luck to all and have fun.


Paolo Barelli
President of the Italian Swimming Federation

Let’s start

Italy is not new to events of this relevance. In September 2004, the World Rescue Championships were held in Viareggio. Moreover, the Italian Swimming Federation, through its Lifesaving Department, is specially focused on protecting human life in aquatic elements. Continuing life saving techniques update courses together with sensibilization campaigns are constantly organized by the Italian Swimming Federation and are acknowledged worldwide.
The near to begin European Lifesaving Championships already set a new record in terms of participating nations: 23. Together with the Italian team, athletes from Albania, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland are expected to participate.
225 athletes will start to compete for the Master Championship on September 17th while the National Team Championships will have 347 athletes participating from 20th to 24th September and finally 370 athletes are due from the Interclub Championships during the last week of the competition. The pool events (heats and finals) will be held at the Stadio del Nuoto in Riccione while the ocean ones on the near seafront on the border with Misano Adriatico.
The opening ceremony, scheduled on September 19th at 5 pm, will feature a colorful athletes parade going from the famous Viale Ceccarini to Piazzale Roma, where the party will continue.  
Earlier in the day, the "Sport, Water and Prevention" conference, starting at 2 pm and featuring the president of FIN and LEN and vice president of FINA Paolo Barelli, will be held at “Palazzo del Turismo”.


Riccione: life saving european capital

Riccione will be the European and world capital of Life Saving for the next twelve months.
Two massive events will be hosted by the Adriatic city.
Also known as "The Adriatic Green Pearl", Riccione is one of the main touristic summer destinations in Italy. It has a great history of national and international swimming sports events organization, including the spring swimming trials that qualifies for the Olympic Games and the European and World Championships. Riccione is about to host the European Lifesaving Championships, that will take place from September 17th to the 30th while the World Championship will be held next year from September 14th to October 3rd.